There are many questions to which we do not have an answer.
We will hear the news at the same time as you, when the committee is meeting.

If your reservation was made after March 13, 2021, you will know that since then we all live in a different world.

We have decided to (voluntarily) close for a few months, and have now reopened.
We adhere to the current corona measures.

now, at this moment travel is allowed in Belgium, albeit under restrictions, but there is therefore no legal regulation to cancel a reservation or to move it to a later date.

When is your cancellation free of charge?

  • if the government decides that travel is prohibited
  • if you are infected, measure Corona, and can provide you with a certificate
  • when you are in mandatory quarantine, and you can submit a certificate

We are a family hotel, we work on trust, nobody has asked for an advance on hotel rooms. may we please ask that you do not betray this trust on your part and that your reservation proceed as planned?We guarantee you a pleasant stay, with a generous breakfast after a good night's sleep, and possibly a delicious dinner in the evening.

In short; we no longer move reservations, and we no longer execute free cancellations from now on, in order to keep a healthy company, and to continue to serve you with a smile in the future.

thank you for understanding,

Bart & Evert