Here are some guidelines for a pleasant stay for your owner, for the other guests and for you.

We charge €15/night for your stay, with a maximum of €50/week.
You know best whether you are suitable for a hotel stay.
Please keep in mind our other guests at all times, they might not like you a bit, that's why it's nice that your owner always has a good view of you and keeps you on a leash all the time, both inside and outside.
Your owner will be happy to clean up 'fixed needs' for you, also from the garden.
The herb garden is NOT a dog area, so not allowed for you, maybe your owner will eat the fresh herbs that are grown there…
You are not allowed to swim in the pool here, but you are allowed to watch, on a leash, from the side.
You will NEVER be left alone in the room, we are a dog friendly hotel, not a shelter, your owner should be aware of that.
Vacation is nice for you, but with the rest, and not left alone in a strange room!
Any damage caused by you will be recovered from the owners, because usually it is not your fault.

See you soon!